Using Credit Cards Safely for Online Shopping

October 20, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shopping Articles

In the comedy film Identity Thief, Sandy Patterson played by Arrested Development star Jason Bateman, gets a call from a woman who stated she worked for a certain security firm that deals with credit cards. The woman on the other line is Diana, played by Gilmore Girls alum Melissa McCarthy. She informs Patterson about someone who almost succeeded in grabbing his identity. She then asks for Patterson’s personal details which included his social security number for protective reasons. It would turn out to be a big mistake since Diana assumes the poor guy’s identity and goes on a shopping and vacation spree.

A lot of people have become victims of credit card fraud that even famous celebrities have been targets for quite some time.

Men in Black star Will Smith was a victim of such a crime when Carlos Lomax pretended to be the former Prince of Bel-Air racked up more than $30,000 of credit card purchases. Not only that, the impostor was able to open fake accounts under Smith’s name. Lomax also pretended to be basketball player Steve Smith and accumulated almost a hundred thousand dollars in debt.

Oprah Winfrey together with Martha Stewart were no strangers to credit card theft. Abraham Abdallah used a popular financial magazine to get all the information he needed to succeed in assuming two of the most famous personalities’ names.

Is there really a way to avoid becoming a pawn to the new crime of the century especially when it comes to online shopping?

People just could not resist the urge to shop online and most are not privy of the complications it could bring into their lives.

Knowing what to do when using credit cards safely for online shopping could save an individual’s financial capacity in the near future.

There are lots of bogus websites on the internet. Links pertaining to emails may be dangerous so just use the browser to type the address of the website where the purchase should be made. Check for security seals and make sure to use all the letters in “https” always.

Personal information could now be stolen through the computer itself. If people think they are using credit cards safely for online shopping while in a public place they may get the surprise of their lives. When using public computers, avoid typing credit card and social security numbers since with the advancement of technology today, even the stroke of a key could mean total loss of identity.

Got an email asking for details about credit cards, just ignore it no matter what happens.

Make a note of the date the item was bought online and the exact amount; there are sites that use a different firm for billing. Once the bill is received, double check if both the date and the total payment are the same from the note that was made on the day of the purchase.

Wireless networks may cause problems later on so to be on the safe side, never encode personal information when using one.

Never use birthdays or even consecutive numbers as passwords and do not click remember when setting up an online shopping account. Make sure the password contains both numbers and letters with the latter having both upper and lower cases.

There are now disposable credit card numbers for some banks that could be used for a limited time only. It acts as an alternative number that reflects on the real account once a purchase is made online. If another individual plans to take advantage of the card number he will not be able to do so because usually the numbers are for one time purchases only.

It is still advisable to use a credit card when buying items online since it is easier to track transactions compared to a debit card.

Just have the presence of mind while using credit cards safely for online shopping.