Online Shopping Guide – Tips, Tricks and Staying Safe

September 5, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shopping Articles

Shopping online is only going to continue to grow as a trend for years to come. There are a few reasons for the growth in the online shopping trend. First, it’s the most convenient way to shop. There’s no worry about having enough gas to go to the shopping plaza, or to the mall. One simply needs to walk to their computer desk, or they can place their laptop on their lap and shop. There are no long waiting lines, and angry crowds. One shops in the privacy and comfort of their own home. There is nothing to have to haul out to the car. The merchandise arrives right to one’s front door, or to their post office mailbox.

Another reason why online shopping will continue to grow, is because is because the online shopper gets access to more variety. Most of the time, a physical store retailer won’t carry all of a manufacture’s available merchandise, because there isn’t enough store space to display all of the available products. Not only this, but physical retailers will only display the items that will sell. On the other hand, online shoppers can view more unique items that might appeal to them. Not only this, but online retailers will offer online only specials, and discounts. They will be able to display all of their available clearance items as well.

Online shopping is exciting, fun, and very convenient indeed. However, there are tips and tricks to making sure that a shopper is getting the best deal for their money. The online shopper also needs to make sure that they are being safe when they shop online. There are always opportunities for hackers to discover one’s credit card information. With all of this in mind, here is a guide that will help the online shopper have a fun, profitable, and safe online shopping experience.

Tips, tricks, and strategies for online shopping:  The primary goal of most people when they shop online, is to get the best deal for their money. So the first tip is to tune in to online resources that will alert you of any discounts or specials. Many online retailers offer newsletters. Sign up for these newsletters. They will alert you of when an online retailer is offering specials on items, or when they are selling items on clearance.  Speaking of sales and closeout items, one should make sure each and every time that they visit a website that they are checking for a link that advertises sale and clearance items. Sometimes waiting a few weeks, or a month or two will make a huge difference in how much one pays for an item.

Some tricks to implement for inexpensive online shopping, is to find coupons and coupon codes. All one has to do, is to perform a search engine query to search for coupon codes, or printable coupons.  Retailers are always offering coupon codes to attract sales. There are also many blogs and websites that online shoppers have created to advertise coupon codes. There are also coupon forums, where people share information on how to gain coupons, coupon codes, and how to save money.

A great strategy for online shopping is to always try to find a product that saves you as much money as possible. Always try to find a way to get a discount on the product. If you can’t buy the product right away, call the customer service number of the retailer. Ask them how much of the product do they have in stock. If they have plenty of product in stock, it might pay for you to wait a little while before you buy it. You could save money in this way.

Ways to save money:  There are other ways to save money when you are looking for a new deal on products that you can only find online, or when you are looking for product for as inexpensive as possible. There are the following:

-Online deal sites.  There are online deal sites, such as online auctions. You can bid on your price, or you can purchase a product at the deeply discounted advertised price, while it’s in stock. These type of websites require that you purchase the product the same day, because new products will be advertised the next day. These are fun, because the shopper gets excited when they score a new and valuable product at a fraction of the price. Also, it’s like a fun game, because they’ll only have 24 hours to take advantage of a product at the low advertised price.

-Shopping directories. There are online shopping directories that can be found with a search engine query. These will help you to find the shopping deal that you are looking for.

-Coupon codes. As mentioned, these can also be found by performing an online search engine query. Or, you can find them on coupon code blogs, or through a variety of networking forums. Social networking websites have these as well.

Security and privacy:  As much fun as you will have shopping online, you also need to be safe with your personal information. To that end, make sure that the website that you are shopping on is equipped with encrypted webpages. The url bar should say https. This means that the website that you are visiting is secure. You should see a padlock at the bottom of the current page. If you are unsure about the security of a website, you can always call the contact phone number listed, and place your order over the phone.

If you are worried about your credit card information, or your debit card information being compromised, then you an always use an alternative debit card that you can purchase and use just for your online shopping purposes. If you have a PayPal account, you can always use that account to shop in many cases.

Organization and shopping lists tools:  One great methods of organizing your online shopping websites and information, is by bookmarking your online stores. You can create folders for your favorite online stores. You can bookmark particular webpages of products, so that you can refer to them at a later date. When you purchase a product online, the company will send you a receipt to your email address. It’s great for you to save your receipts, by creating an email folder for your receipts. There are online shopping list tools that you can download, and keep a list of your things to buy.

Virtual credit cards, etc: If using your regular credit card or debit card makes you nervous, then you can purchase virtual credit cards. You can find these online. You simply load these up with money, and they can be used at any online retailer that will accept them.

With these tips, tricks and strategies, you should be able to shop online without worry. Happy shopping!