Solar Sphere, Inc.

1550 Larimer Street #522, Denver, CO 80202, USA
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Sphere Solar is an ecommerce store based in Denver, Colorado, providing a wide range of alternative energy products for competitive prices. We are a team of people who believe in alternative energy and have been working on the science and business of alternative energy for more than 2 decades. The alternative energy products featured in Sphere Solar are manufactured from the finest manufacturers and today we have a network of around 40 suppliers and manufacturers. Our products are designed to fulfil the energy needs of residents and businesses alike, having an array of off-grid applications a business or an organization would need. Our other products include DIY Solar Kits, Solar Generators, Solar Training Videos, Solar Survival Gear, Charge Controllers, Inverters, Solar Panel Mounting and Solar Lighting which includes solar lighting fixtures for streets, parking lots, warning and sign lights, skylights, security lights and lamp posts. Adding to the long list of our products, our ecommerce store also has solar Garden Lights, Golf Cart Charger and Kits, Solar Chargers and Gadgets, Classroom Kits and lastly Solar Panels. We hope to bring a revolution in the use of alternative energy sources through our online store and in order to do that, we are always on our toe tips to help people who are interested in alternative energy. For more, visit and

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