Listing Guidelines

ShopFancy appreciates your submissions of high quality shopping sites to our directory. All submissions are reviewed in a timely manner by one of our editors, usually within 30-60 days. However, you can purchase an expedited review for your listing. Please note that not all sites suggested to us are approved into our directory. Sites that adhere to all of our quality guidelines below have the best chance of being approved.

ShopFancy Directory Quality Guidelines

Site must offer products for sale on the website being submitted. In some cases, a site that offers mainly services may be accepted.

At this time, we mainly list sites that cater to shoppers in the United States, but will also accept high quality shopping sites that are located in another country, but offer international shipping options to the United States and other countries.

Shopping sites should include the following:

  • Secure Shopping Information – Sites should display information about how their shopping cart is secured and how customer financial and personal data is protected when being transmitted to them. Display of security verification badges or merchant verification images should be prominent.
  • Transparent Contact Information –  The company or owner information of the site should be clearly displayed on an About, Contact, Company Information or similar page. Contact information should optimally include the physical location of the main location of the company and a contact phone number. A contact form is acceptable, but should not be the only way to get in touch with your company.
  • Customer Service Options – The site should include clear customer service options, including how to get in touch if there is a problem with the order.
  • Shipping Information – The site should clearly display information about the shipping options offered.
  • Return Policy – All sites offering tangible products should include a clearly marked return policy detailing the return policy of the site.
  • Privacy Policy – All sites should have a clearly displayed privacy policy noting how the customer’s information is used.

We do not accept the following types of sites:

  • Information or content only sites
  • Directories
  • Affiliate sites
  • Product review sites
  • MLM sites
  • Blogs
  • Sites that offer replicas or fake versions of brand name merchandise
  • Penny auction sites
  • Reseller websites
  • CPA sites
  • Sites offering illegal products, including but not limited to items such as prescription drugs, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, products of a sexual nature (lingerie and intimate apparel is ok), racist products, weapons (antique weapons ok), products or antiques that use parts of endangered species, and offensive or abusive products

In addition, sites should be completed, not under construction. There should also be no broken images or links, no error messages and no spelling or grammatical errors. We also don’t expect to see advertising, such as Adsense or affiliate ads, on an e-commerce site that sells its own products.

Site Reputation

Our first priority is providing our visitors with a range of high quality stores to shop at online. Therefore site safety, security and reliability are a priority. Our review process is quite thorough, and in many cases, we will seek out reviews, ratings and feedback of your company, store and/or products online, including on sites such as ResellerRatings, ePinions, Amazon, eBay and the BBB.  Sites with overall poor ratings or reviews will not be listed.

Submission Content Guidelines

Site Title – The title of your submission must be your actual company or website name. It cannot be a keyword phrase, unless that keyword phrase is in your legal company or website name. Your title may be edited if it does not meet these guidelines.

Examples of good titles include:

  • My Company Name (preferred title)
  • Your Products by Company Name (available for Featured Links only)

Examples of titles that won’t be accepted include:

  • Keyword Phrase, Keyword Phrase, Keyword Phrase
  • Keywords|Keywords|Keywords
  • Keywords Keywords Keywords
  • Keyword Phrases,Keyword Phrase
  • Product Name

Site Description – We prefer descriptions that are unique to our directory and we may edit your description if your site is found to be appropriate for our directory. Long descriptions are acceptable, feel free to list a range of products that your site offers, as well as some company background details. Please abstain from including too much promotional text in your description.

URL – We only accept the main page of a website unless you have several different stores on the same domain. We will accept sites for review that are stores on larger store networks or marketplaces, including but not limited to Etsy stores, eBay stores, TIAS stores, Ruby Lane stores and similar networks as long as the store adheres to the rest of our guidelines.

Editing of Your Listing

We reserve the right to edit all listings to make sure they are within our guidelines above.

Article Submission

Our directory accepts shopping related articles. Note that we only accept high quality articles that are strictly related to shopping, online shopping or one of our categories. The article must be unique and not be posted elsewhere on the web. We allow you to post a resource box that includes a link to one website inside the text.