Fragrances and Perfumes Buying Guide

March 2, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Buying Guides,Shopping Articles

Fragrances have been a popular gift item for any occasion and it is considered as an important item when you are going out. A large percentage of people around the globe are using fragrances when going to school or work. As a matter of fact, they are using them even if they are just staying at home.

For some people, buying perfumes is not a difficult task because they can always buy anything as long as it smells good. However, do you really think that your preference is the same as the person who will be receiving the gift? If you are going to buy fragrances for yourself, is it really enough to buy something that you haven’t used before?

These questions are really important when buying so this is a simple guide to help you choose fragrances.

When Do You Plan to Use the Perfume?

Think about how you plan to use the fragrances that you are going to buy. If you think that a specific perfume is perfect for any kind of occasion or time, then you are making a big mistake. There are perfumes made for everyday use and there are some that are created for occasions.

It is best to use perfumes with a light fragrance during the day. It means that if the gathering or the occasion will be held during the day, lighter scents will work just fine. If the occasions will be held at night, intense scents will be a good choice.

Understand the Notes of Perfumery

Fragrances have 3 different notes or stages that you need to know because it can greatly affect your purchase. The three classes are top notes, middle notes and base notes. These classes can affect the smell of the perfume so you need to know about them.

Top notes are considered as the selling scent of fragrances. It means that this is the smell used to advertise the perfumes. If you use the perfume, this scent only lasts for a couple of minutes before it evaporates.

The middle note is the next scent that you will smell right after the top note dissipated. This is usually added to cover some of the unpleasant smell from the base notes.

The base note is the final smell of the perfume and it will be left in your clothes until it is washed.

As you can see, the most important thing that you need to consider is the middle and the base note because the top note only lasts for a couple of minutes. This is the reason why you need to spend more time in deciding whether to buy a perfume or not.

Family Groups of Fragrances

Perfumes have different family groups and they are considered as the sub topics under perfume. The groups are divided based on their scent like floral, spicy, woody, fresh, fruity and more.

This is where your personal preference matters a lot. You need to choose from the categories mentioned above because this is where your choices will begin. If you are going to buy fragrances as gifts, you should know the personal preference of the receiver as well.

Choose Fragrances Based on the Season

You can match your perfume based on the season like fashion. During spring and summer, you can consider scents with floral or fruity notes. Fresh types of scents are better during these seasons because days are longer than nights. During autumn and winter, spicy and woody scents can be a good choice.

This buying guide will help you choose the right kind of fragrance whether you are going to use or it will be a gift to someone else.